Concentrate on running your business while we look for good candidates to buy your business.

Maintain your confidentiality while the sale of your business is being promoted to the market at large. Buyers and Sellers are required to treat dealings confidentially.

R-01 Ten points in preparation to sell the business

R-02 Steps involved in the purchase and sale of a business

R-03 Valuation and Price, what's the difference?

R-04 Business Opportunity Memorandum

R-05 How is business Brokerage administered in Ontario, Canada



- Sales Volume $1 to $15 mill

- Good Customer base

- Well established

- Manufacturing

- Sales 

- Service

- tech or non-tech 

Informative reports available free.  You may request them individually by e-mail

As licensed agents, we follow a strict code of ethics, designed to ensure protection of the public; that includes buyers and sellers alike.

Sales and Acquisitions Services of Privately Held
Business Enterprises With or Without Real Estate Assets in Toronto and Surrounding Areas




We provide services in a fair and honest manner. We provide you with basic information that you may need to evaluate the acquisition. We work with you to help you formulate an offer to purchase, or letter of intent. You are free to call on your professional advisors (lawyer, accountant, etc.) for assistance and advice in the acquisition.

If you have a business to sell, call or e-mail. We act as your agent in promoting the sale of your business. Save time, money and aggravation, and concentrate on your business while we promote the sale of your business confidentially. Pay no commission if the business is not sold.


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Franco Di Giandomenico, M.B.A.

Business Intermediary